Marshmallow Fluff Cups (2019 Winner)

2019-12-03T17:54:08+00:00Somerville Fluff Festival Recipes|

By Ryan Humphries (and Pepper the dog) Ingredients (makes 12) For the  base: 3 oz chocolate wafers ½ tbsp sugar 2 oz butter For the filling: ¾ of a 7½ Jar Marshmallow Fluff 1½ cup peanut butter ¾ cup powdered sugar 2 oz butter 1 tsp vanilla For the ganache: ½ cup bittersweet chocolate ¼ cup [...]

Marshmallow Fluff Teacake (2018 Winner)

2019-02-19T04:29:19+00:00Somerville Fluff Festival Recipes|

By Louise Cameron This recipe is a take on the Scottish classic, the Tunnocks tea cake®! This is one of the treats from home that I miss the most, so re-creating it with Marshmallow Fluff was loads of fun. This recipe consists of 3 simple components: a biscuit (cookie) base, a fluffy marshmallow filling and a [...]

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