The Fluffernutter!

Ah yes, the Fluffernutter! There are many among us who will say you haven’t really lived until you’ve taken a bite out of one of these distinctly American delights! And they just may be right! Long a staple of playgrounds, after-school snacks, college dorms, and the local diner, essentially, a Fluffernutter is a tasty concoction of Marshmallow Fluff and peanut butter mixed together between two slices of bread. Yup, that’s it! Here are some of our favorite videos that extoll the virtues of the dee-licious Fluffernutter.

Fluffernutter Videos!

Fluff in Space!

Departing Space Station Commander, Sunny Williams, takes us on a tour of the International Space Station, which is cool enough, but then she shows us her favorite space food, that’s right, Fluffernutters!

Fluffernutter Commercial

Here’s one of our TV commercials.

Here’s the Original Jingle


Time for a Fluffernutter!

You can order a 6 pack, or even a whole case of Fluff, online!